You have found the perfect software integration support to install and power your business, but the vendor who provides your application is based far away. You need an expert team to implement the software to the specifications of your vendor. We are a excellent choice. Not only can we implement Microsoft based applications, we can also set up Linux environments.

Many common implementations that we work on utilize some of these technologies


  • Microsoft SQL Server or mySQL
  • Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services
  • Serial RS232 requirements for special devices & sensors
  • Microsoft or Linux and cross platform


Our on staff programmers can work with a wide variety of languages if your application requires advanced computer knowledges. We can write customizations, scripts, and small applications to perform virtually any kind of data integration between applications.

 If you just need your application rolled out to your servers, end users, or devices, then choose us for your implementation. We will deliver it professionally, on time and on budget. Our track record of successful implementations extends across years of work we have performed for our clients. You can be confident that our team has the expertise that your organization needs for a successful project implementation.

 Contact us and we will work with you to build the project you require to the specifications of the vendor you have selected, or to your own exact specifications. We can engineer the specifications for you as well.

Once you select us to perform your software integration project, the rest will be easy. We will communicate with the vendor, build the project implementation plan, and work with your vendor and you to meet the schedule. Once your project is complete we can help you manage and maintain the entire system.