The core priority of any business is to create attraction among customers so that they return to you as potential customers. Over the time world market has helped us create a plenty of strategies to attract customers. Some of them were extremely successful and some of them didn’t see the light of another day. However with the change of time, now we are in the era of the online marketplace and not to mention that the core priority remained the same. Instead, it got more creative and simple in attracting customers. No matter if you have an online shop or a physical shop where you are providing service or product, you will always need to build up a strategy to attract customers. In the case of an online shop, the first step of attracting customers is to  build leads. A lead or communication channel will help you to gain a potential customer. So, if you are an owner of an online business on WordPress platform and looking for a strategy to boost up your business, then you have come to the right place. WordPress helps your business to produce leads by providing plenty of plugins as well as themes. But before jamming up your head with all the plugins that you can use to generate leads, we will walk you through an organized step by step guide, starting with the concept of lead generation.

How  to Generate Leads

If you are a newbie in the online marketplace as a business owner, then you may not have any idea about generating leads. But if you know the basic then it’s a plus point and you can directly jump to the plugins section. However, lead generation is a strategy to build customer interest into the product or service you are providing in your business. When a user visits your website, the lead generator will build a communication channel or generate a lead. In that way, you will be able to create an opportunity to convince the user by sending your product or service details and promotional offers. It will lead the user to a potential customer. WordPress here handles the work of assisting you with the necessary themes and plugins you need for making the website look attractive and to make original business leads by building interest in those customers. Now, if you have a clear idea about lead generation, then we will take a look into the facilities WordPress provide you a proper lead generation system.

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Generate Leads by WordPress

Among all the strategies of lead generation in WordPress, these are the most popular and efficient strategies to Create Leads.

Lead Generation using themes in WordPress

There is a saying

“First impressions are the most lasting”

Considering the proverbs, it is also important for you to make sure that your customer takes a good impression toward your website while they are surfing it for the first time. Themes of WordPress will help you to build a good looking attractive website.

Moreover, along with the eye-catching graphical interface, WordPress themes offer you a drag and drop developer mode. You might be wondering if you need to know CSS or HTML to implement this. WordPress doesn’t require any of those skills. The best thing about WordPress theme is its simplicity. So if you are still struggling to start a business for not having enough knowledge on CSS and HTML, then WordPress is here for you and giving you a lifetime opportunity. While choosing a theme, you might want to consider the following points for a better lead generation.

  1. Make sure the theme is SEO optimized.
  2. The theme is responsive on the computer, tablet, and mobile.
  3. Provides service support.

If you can choose a theme keeping those in mind, then you are already a step ahead into generating leads.

Generate Leads by integrating Social Media plugin

Along with the social media integrated themes, you will find plenty of plugins in WordPress plugins section, which will allow you to integrate social media into your website. It makes the lead generation more convenient. For instance,  if someone subscribes to your Facebook page of your business from the website, they will get a daily update of your products and services while surfing on the news feed of Facebook. This will keep them updated and bring them to the website more often. It will also increase the chance of getting a potential customer. And you will get all those facilities in a single click on the plugin. Here is some good Social Media plugin you can use: 

  1. Ultimate Sharing
  2. Social Media Widget
  3.  Digg Digg
  4.  Flare
  5. ShareThis

Lead Generation by Newsletter integration

Integrating Newsletter into your website is another way to Create Leads. You can download any plugin which provides Form creation facility, then set it up and you are good to go. Email marketing is known to be the best professional way of lead generation. Email is the most personal to anyone. If users subscribe to your newsletter, then you will be able to contact them directly through their email. You can send your product descriptions and offers to their email. There are some plugins which will pop up for newsletter subscription and some will let you set this form in any corner of your website. You can use any of them considering your design and demand. You can use these Newsletter plugins: 

  1. OptinMonster
  2. Bloom
  3. Newsletter
  4. SumoMe
  5. ChimpMate Pro
  6. Icegram


Generate Leads Using Comment Section

Another easy and efficient way to generate leads is to add a comment section on your website and customize it with some plugins. After submitting a comment, you can redirect the user to a special offer page. Which will keep the user engaged? Along with that, you can add a comment subscription option by adding plugins. It will notify the user when someone replies to their comment. This will bring back the user which may create potential customer as well.

Few More Plugins to generate leads

The marketplace of WordPress offers you everything you need to build an efficient, responsive and lead generating a website. To make your website more user interacting, you can also add a live chat plugin which will allow you to interact with customers more efficiently. Along with providing solutions to their query, you will be able to talk about your products and Create Leads.

However, if you went through this article properly, then you will be able to generate leads on your own instead of hiring a developer.

WordPress is a platform where you can boost up your business easily. So, if you’re thinking of starting an online business, do it now using WordPress.