We believe that our monitoring platform is among the best in the industry. The reason is that we do not rely on one “unified, complete” platform to give us our monitoring statistics.

When we redesigned our monitoring strategies in 2013, we looked at all the big products on the market. The solutions used by most of our peers had shortcomings that we wanted to avoid. So we tested and found the best of breed monitoring applications for each situation we need to monitor. We built our platforms around these tools.

Our tools will give us rich insight into your server’s performance, as well as the performance of your site. We carefully track the storage of the servers as well, to ensure they do not exceed their available space. Many application disruptions occur because storage is not actively managed.

We use advanced tools to monitor metrics of your internet connection and router availability. By putting our monitors in place, we can log, track and trend problems that may have been previously undetected. We watch for server downtime and site downtime. When the alerts come in, we are able to respond to and trend the issue.

Monitoring covers: 

Availability / Online
Disk I/O
Disk Utilization
Anti-Virus Status


External IP check
ISP Gateway Check
Response Time Graphing
Port Availability
DNS Record changes
Website Monitoring
Site availability
Site Response time
Website Attacks

Monitoring does two things for you. It helps detect problems when they happen so that your resources can remain available, but it also trends response times, and usage. We find that historical monitoring logs get frequently referenced when troubleshooting problems.

By watching graphs, and understanding historical norms versus changed conditions, it is easy to find anomalies. Without these sophisticated monitors in place, troubleshooting your systems is more time consuming, increasing your costs and downtime. Because we are motivated to reduce your downtime to the minimal possible with the efficient use of manpower, we rely on monitoring to deliver our managed services. Monitoring is included in our Managed IT Services.