The new version of Office is more than just office. Microsoft has combined all of the popular features of their Small Business Server product into a set of cloud services that are completely integrated with an entirely new kind of Office product. No longer is Microsoft Office just a simple program you install on your computer.

 The new Office 365 is the ultimate product for tapping into the cloud. You do not need expensive on premise servers to run Microsoft Exchange Server and Sharepoint. Those two products, plus the new Microsoft Lync communications suite are all included as part of your Office 365 subscription. Additionally, Microsoft OneDrive with 1 Terrabyte of storage is included with every account!

 Office 365 includes the complete installation of the full office product. You can put the entire suite on up to 5 devices per subscription. That means that in addition to having a Microsoft Exchange e-mail account for each user, and 1 TB of storage per user, you get all of the Microsoft Office software – the whole suite.

 The product Microsoft has put together is revolutionary. It combines everything that used to cost significant dollars into one simple subscription. You only need to buy the subscriptions that you need.

 In the past, to run Microsoft Exchange would cost thousands of dollars. Sharepoint was also thousands. A copy of the full Office suite ran several hundred. While you can still purchase all these things, and we are experts at implementing all of them, the new Office 365 can save you big money up front with a simple subscription.

 Pay monthly or pay annually. Buy only the amount of software subscriptions you need. We can help migrate your existing organization to Office 365. We are experts at performing data migrations between Microsoft product levels. We understand all versions of Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint and can deliver a complete deployment of Office 365.

 Depending on what your needs are, will determine the product version to subscribe to. We can help you determine the right version to choose. Contact us and let us help you with making the choice.

 Once you subscribe to Office 365 you will empower your work force with the best set of productivity tools the market has to offer, at the absolute best price. Support for Office 365 is available straight from Microsoft as part of the subscription. We can add another layer of support to you with our managed services. Office 365 + Node Managed Services is best combination to bring you the entire Microsoft collaboration stack.

 Why should you go with Office 365 other than price? Because you get stability. Instead of running your system in house, and needing expensive servers that can break, you can move both Exchange and Sharepoint to the cloud in one swift move by getting on Office 365.

You can push your files to the cloud and have Microsoft OneDrive to store your files, and Sharepoint to organize your documents.

 Contact us today, lets talk about Office 365. We can set you up with a 30 day trial and deploy it side-by-side with your existing implementation of Office, Exchange, and Sharepoint.

 To deploy Office 365, we charge a simple flat rate per user. After we implement it, you can add our Managed Services if you want, and get complete turn key support for everything.

Don’t delay! Get Office 365 today!